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Supporting the environment a sustainable South Beach

Extensive planning has been undertaken to ensure that the South Beach development is environmentally and ecologically sustainable. The development has been audited and benchmarked by Greenglobe Earthcheck and South Beach extends this environmentally friendly approach to every aspect of the estate.

nourishing the land

The area outlined for the South Beach development is agricultural land that has been severely depleted over years of farming. South Beach has partnered with experienced landscape architects to oversee the regeneration and revitalisation of the soil to create a strong base to rebuild the local ecosystem.

Organic mulch will be used for new gardens to reduce erosion and evaporation. The strategic landscaping design of trees, plantings and rises will help create buffers against surrounding farms.

a new home for fauna and flora

About 500,000 new trees will be planted throughout South Beach including beautiful Melaleucas, Eucalypts, Wattles, Pandanus, Norfolk Island Pines, Coast Hibiscus, Poincianas, Casuarinas and Tuckeroos.

South Beach places a strong emphasis on revegetation to regenerate the environment and provide new habitats for wildlife prosper in the Elliott Heads neighbourhood through a diverse native gardens plant palette, essentially bringing old farmland back to life.

treading softly

South Beach is operating under strict guidelines set out and approved by the Queensland Government under the Vegetation Management Act and Nature Conservation Act. With every aspect of South Beach meticulously considered, Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles will also be incorporated to ensure that impacts to downstream drainage courses, foreshore areas and open waters are minimised. South Beach stresses the importance of integrating the development into the surrounding environment with as little impact as possible, while striving to enhance and support the native ecosystem where we can.